Finale 2008a update available.

La tant attendue et traditionnelle mise à jour de décembre est disponible au téléchargement. Au programme une liste de correction vraiment très impressionnante et quelques nouveautés :

  • In files using VST instruments, audio files are no longer saved in real-time. The process is now quicker on fast machines, and slower machines will now produce better-sounding results.
  • Time Signatures can now be excluded when copying stacks.
  • Human Playback Improvements to performance, instrument techniques, and more.
  • Measure settings can now be copied when either the source or target constitutes a stack.

Est notamment corrigé, le bug du raccourci clavier du triolet (voir mon billet à ce sujet)

La liste des corrections :


  • • Adding a new staff to the top of a score no longer removes the existing audio track without warning.
  • • Recording/Importing of audio now takes pickup measures into account for the start point.
  • • The audio track no longer disappears if a measure is inserted before a repeat where an audio track is set to play on the nth pass.
  • • The audio hyperscribe block is no longer temporarily erased by the cursor during repeats of the passage.

Chord Tool

  • • The plus sign now works properly in chord suffix creation.
  • • Chord Suffix IDs are no longer corrupted in some files when copying chord symbols.

Clef Tool

  • • If a pickup measure is included in the selected region, changing the clef no longer results in a mid-measure clef.


  • • Extra notes are no longer added to the target region when drag copying in certain documents.
  • • Drag-copying MIDI Tempo data in the MIDI Tool now works properly.
  • • Manual changes to measure numbers in the target region are no longer improperly overwritten on paste.
  • • Whenever barlines are copied, the states of the following Measure Attributes are now also copied: “Break a Multimeasure Rest,” “Break Smart Word Extensions,” and “Override Group Barlines.”
  • • When inserting a non-stack selection with “Notes and Rests” unchecked in the Edit Filter dialog box, rests that are inserted are considered and the music is rebarred accordingly preventing overfilled measures.
  • • Expressions in staff lists no longer occasionally disappear from the source region after copying.
  • • Copying and pasting no longer causes redundant accidentals or naturals to appear in the target region.
  • • The custom Arrowhead for Smart Shapes is no longer left off when Smart Shapes that use custom arrowheads are copied.
  • • Redundant accidentals or naturals (that are already part of the key signature) no longer appear in the target region while pasting
  • • When a partial measure is selected in all staves, pressing Shift-up/down arrow no longer subtracts from the selection in only one direction.
  • • If a measure plus an eighth note in the previous measure is highlighted, it can now be drag-pasted to all possible beats of an empty measure.
  • • When copying with a filter only checked items are overwritten in the target region.
  • • Tablature string alterations are now retained when copying and pasting.
  • • Performance of paste operations with attachments such as measure expressions has been improved.
  • • Note attached items like Slurs, lyrics, note expressions and chords are now properly copied when you use a filter.
  • • Copying passages without stack selection is no longer slower than copying in previous Finale versions.
  • • It is no longer difficult or impossible to paste music into a region that starts with a pickup measure.
  • • Tie alterations now copy correctly even without Dot Alterations checked in the Edit Filter dialog box.
  • • Copying with a Filter no longer causes “Slur” to become improperly unchecked in Edit Frame dialog.

File Menu

  • • When multiple files are open, Finale no longer crashes after closing the 1st open document in the list and then changing layers in one of the remaining open documents.
  • • The presence of tempo data in some files saved in Finale 2008 no longer cause silent notes. (Finale 2008a automatically checks and resolves this when a Finale 2008 file is opened).
  • Finale no longer crashes when importing some MIDI files.
  • • Tempo data is now accurate in saved MIDI files.
  • • Inserting measures in front of a measure containing an expression assigned to a Staff List with Top Staff checked no longer duplicates the expression.
  • • Copying notes that contain articulations no longer duplicates the articulation in the Articulation Selection dialog box in the default music font.
  • • There is no longer an unsightly line break in Save/Print disabled warning message on Windows Vista.

Edit Menu

  • • The switch between Play Through MIDI and Play Through AU can now be undone under the Edit Menu.
  • • The Edit Menu no longer displays incorrect keyboard shortcuts for Clip Files (Cut, Copy, Insert and Paste).
  • • The Undo list no longer refers to the Audio Track as a Staff.

Expression Tool

  • • Note-attached Expressions no longer draw at incorrect sizes when added at percentages other than 100% in Scroll and Studio view.


  • • Help buttons have been added to the FinaleScript dialog boxes.
  • • Batch processing open documents is no longer erratic.
  • • Calling plug-ins from a script now functions properly
  • • Menu item commands with hierarchy (e.g. menu item “document/page format/score”) now works with a slash ‘/’ and semicolon ‘:’
  • • Save as MIDI now functions properly.
  • • The Swap font/font search and replace results are not visible immediately on-screen.
  • • Search/Replace File Info now functions properly.
  • • Search and Replace now supports the following additional attributes: articulations, group names, subtitle, composer, arranger, and lyricist.
  • • The ‘staff height’ and ‘system size x%’ commands no longer hang Finale.

Graphics Tool

  • • Final barlines no longer print out as thick double barlines when exported as an EPS.
  • • File size no longer increases after adding then deleting embedded graphics.
  • • EPS graphics exported from Finale under Windows Vista can now be opened in GSview.
  • • Redo of an embedded graphic placement no longer leads to a crash.

Human Playback

  • • All Human Playback dialog boxes now include help buttons.
  • • Performance and stability improvements.
  • • Playing back with some Staff Set selected no longer cause a hang.

Linked Parts

  • • Enharmonics are no longer incorrect in certain files when a voiced part is extracted.


  • • Hyphens are no longer improperly placed over system breaks.
  • • Missing hyphens in tightly spaced lyrics now display properly. Hyphens that have disappeared in older files (Finale 2006 and earlier) have been restored.

Measure Menu

  • • Clear Measure Number Positioning & Enclosures no longer function when unchecked. MIDI Menu
  • • When a file setup to use Softsynth is opened with no softsynth_vst.dll available, Finale now reports the error. MIDI Tool
  • • Drag-copying MIDI Tempo data in the MIDI Tool is now possible.
  • • Scaling tempo by percentage in addition to absolute values now works correctly.


  • • The volume control mixer links now work in Vista.


  • • Exported MusicXML files with font changes in lyrics import correctly.

Native Instruments VST

  • • When opening files across platform that have the SoftSynth VST/AU plug-in loaded, Finale now automatically loads the equivalent plug-in.

Palettes and Backgrounds

  • • The icons for the Tuplet and Smart Shape Tools are correct upon selection in the Cool Black palette.


  • • When clicking outside a staff to initiate playback Finale no longer freezes.
  • • During scrolling playback, the playback cursor no longer extends down to include hidden staves.
  • • Tempos, edited through Tempo Tap, are now more accurate upon playback allowing for better synchronization with imported audio files.
  • • Adding new SmartMusic SoftSynth staves with the Setup Wizard to a non-VST file no longer silences the previous staves.

Repeat Tool

  • • Repeat ending staff list settings are now applied to both brackets when creating endings.


  • • Help buttons have been added to the Instrument Junction and Edit Junction dialog boxes.
  • • The Merge These Files into One File command now provides improved automatic instrument linkage.
  • • Non-copyable staff styles are now copyied.
  • • Stability improvements.
  • • The Parts to Score command includes improved layout if the first file has optimized systems.
  • • Copying from the report dialog box is now possible.

Selection Tool

  • • Selected measure numbers are now hidden when pressing Delete.
  • • Measure highlighting now disappears when deleting measures with the context menu.
  • • Deleting measures on the last page of a document no longer causes the document to jump to page 1. It now jumps to the previous page as expected.

Setup Wizard

  • • It is now possible to use the up arrow for Ensemble selection.

Simple Entry Tool

  • • “Note details” no longer remain when notes are deleted. SmartMusic
  • • The Create SmartMusic Assessment Wizard no longer sets up incorrect keys for transposing instruments.

Speedy Entry

  • • Pressing Ctrl-1, Ctrl-2, or Ctrl-3 in Speedy Entry (using the number row above the QWERTY keys) no longer exits the Speedy Frame and accesses the custom view percentages rather than defining tuplets.
  • • Note IDs for rests are no longer changed by looking at them with the Edit Frame Attributes dialog box.
  • • Changing the pitch of an existing enharmonically flipped note no longer erroneously flips the enharmonic of the changed pitch.
  • • Ctrl-L now sets the stem direction back to the default automatic direction.

Staff Tool

  • • After double clicking a Staff Style bar in scroll view, a staff is no longer added after exiting the Staff Style dialog.

Text Search and Replace

  • • Help buttons have been added to the Text Search and Replace dialog box.
  • • File Info support now functions properly.
  • • Articulations and group name characters can now be searched and replaced

Time Signature Tool

  • • Context-menu time signature changes are now applied correctly to measures with independent time signature staff styles.
  • • Time Signatures can now be changed when Independent Key Signatures is turned on.

Text Tool

  • • Upper ASCII characters in the Score Name text insert are now converted correctly when opened across platforms.
  • • Upper ASCII for Description and Score Name text inserts are now converted correctly when opened across platform.
  • • Text Blocks using a custom frame no longer have a bounding box that is too big.

Utilities Menu

  • • Rebar Music now breaks whole notes into smaller durations when the time signature is too large for whole notes.
  • • File Maintenance now cleans up out of order tempo data.
  • • Chords with flipped enharmonics are no longer improperly transcribed using Explode Music.

View Menu

  • • Programming a Staff Set is now possible in Studio View.
  • • Bookmarks that include staff list settings now switch to the staff list when called.

Window Menu

  • • The File menu toolbar no longer displays the scanning icon as “1” In the Customize Toolbars box instead of “Import Scanned Music File.”
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