Finale 2008b update

logoFinale.gifUne nouvelle mise à jour vient de voir le jour. C’est la 2008b. Au programme amélioration de la compatibilité avec Mac OS X Leopard.
Les utilisateurs de la version windows, circulez, y’a rien à voir.

Finale 2008b – Maintenance Update for Macintosh

Finale 2008b is a free, downloadable update available to registered Finale 2008 Macintosh users. It includes increased compatibility with Mac OS X Leopard (addressing an isolated freeze upon exit) and insures that adjustments to Stem Line Thickness (defined in Document Options-Stems) are applied properly to exported EPS graphics.

Finale 2008b also contains the new features released with Finale 2008a:

  • Compatibility with Mac OS X Leopard – Support for Macintosh OS 10.5 including Spotlight and Quick Look.
  • Improvements to saving audio files with Garritan and other VST/AU sounds – Saving an audio file is no longer done in real-time. The process is now quicker on fast machines, and slower machines will produce better-sounding results.
  • Further enhancements to cut/copy/paste – Copying stack items more intelligently when the destination document has a different number of staves, retaining tablature string alterations when copying and pasting, and more.
  • Improved placement of lyrics hyphens, especially in tight spacing.
  • Several improvements to Finale Script, MIDI file tempo data, EPS graphics, ScoreMerger, Rebar Music, and more.
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