Finale 2012a une mise à jour pour Noël

Finale 2012Makemusic a déposé une mise à jour pour Finale 2012 dans la hotte du père Noël.

Pas de nouvelles fonctions, simplement des corrections de bugs.

Fixes in Finale 2012a

If an ASIO device is installed, but not available (e.g. a USB device that is not attached), the device no longer appears in the Input and Output list of the Audio Setup dialog box.
Documents that use Native Instrument libraries (including those utilizing the Kontakt 2, 4; Kore 2; Reaktor 5 players) can now be properly saved as audio files.

File menu
Problems opening ETF files have been resolved.

Exporting a selected region as a PDF can no longer result in exporting all pages.

Transposition is now set to 0 for Guitar 8vb and Dulcimer 8vb.
Accordion now includes a grand staff (instead of a single staff).

Lyrics in Japanese fonts are no longer misaligned.

Save Library dialog box
The non-functional “Custom MIDI Sounds” option has been removed.

Scroll View
Staves in Scroll View are no longer too tightly spaced. (Files created in the original 2012 release may continue to exhibit tight Scroll View spacing).

Speedy Entry
Performing an operation that causes staff reordering while the Speedy frame is active no longer causes entries to be mirrored or removed.

Repeat markers now work in exported SMP files.
Garritan vocals in exported SMP files no longer play back using a piano sound.

Titles and other text inserts no longer disappear when opening some files.

Toujours à regretter le téléchargement total et la réinstallation complète du logiciel avec la totalité des bibliothèques de sons ce qui prend un temps fou.

A quand le téléchargement des modifications uniquement ?

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